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Gaining an understanding of how climate change will affect your organisation, our country and this planet, and more importantly what you can do about it, is an issue that is finding its way to risk meetings and business planning

  • So, for organisations who believe that climate change is here,
  • believe that it is important to do something about your impact,
  • and are unsure where to start or need some help getting there –

I can help

By delivering clear inputs into strategy & policy, understanding current state, creating targets with ongoing measures and tracking projects.

I support organisations that need extra thinking, extra hands to help and best practice guidance

Its all about Getting Sustainability Done, Getting Stuff Done (see what we did there)

Proven skills, technological understanding and strategic thinking.

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Link to a bigger outcome

So….climate change is here and whether some believe it or not – many businesses and individuals have started to think about the financial, social and environmental impact.

Deciding to do something about it starts with a commitment to do something. As example – the Climate Leaders Coalition.  Many leaders and organisations have made commitments to work on change and it all starts with a decision to do something about it.

Goals need to be set. Policy and direction clear. Strategy set, a sustainability plan in place. 4 key stages for any change outcome – know where we are, what we need to do, take action and re-adjust to hit our targets.

We need to link to a bigger outcome. The UN SDGs is an example of a bigger outcome where it is not just about being sustainable across environmental, social and financial areas.

Many organisations are choosing to embed the SDGs into their organisational goals. How are they contributing to this important area and how can they affect some change.

Start with a Materiality assessment, discover where you already may be working and align even further

Contact me for information and a process to start.


In September 2015, the General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, the new Agenda emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all.

For more information – https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/


With a solid background in Strategic and Sustainability Leadership, I offer bespoke consultancy and advisory on understanding where you are, helping adjust policy and plans, setting targets and measuring progress.

The SDGs are becoming more prevalent in organisations and I can help align around this.

I offer technical, governance and strategic support to ensure you get started and deliver results.

My Bio – Sustainability and Carbon

  • EMANZ Member (Energy Management Association of NZ)
  • Background in Tech IT – databases, technology, finance and environment Cloud based systems to measure and manage carbon and energy,
  • Creating baselines and work with projects to deliver reductions
  • Worked for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) as an account director with the role 100% related to working with organisations to reduce, improve efficiencies and create governance for energy/ carbon. Worked with NZ’s biggest organisations to implement strategies and actions across building, energy use, processes and transport
  • Building and Carbon projects to help develop carbon strategy/ stakeholder engagement
  • Recently completed the SBN sustainability Leadership Programme and the EMANZ Energy and Carbon Management programme
  • Member of the Institute of Strategic Leadership – and have undertaken the High Performance Strategic Leadership Programme
  • Stakeholder engagement at C-suite, Sustainability and Energy teams, creating a common vision with presentations and activities to deliver
  • Recently completed a project to undertake a materiality assessment with a large government organisation (over 10,000 employees). The project outcome was to embed the SDGs within strategy and planning and it was important to bring the stakeholders along the journey


  • Born in South Africa – moved 20 years ago to NZ, based in Auckland
  • BSc Computer Science and Psychology, Management Diploma – Marketing,
  • Prince II project management, HR and finance, strategic and coaching Leadership
  • Master NLP Practitioner/ Hypnotherapist and a keen interest in all things neuroscience, behaviour change, toastmasters and yoga.
  • I have a Passion for doing the right thing for the environment and our future on this planet.

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Please feel free to drop me a short message or call me on 021 657836